Basic Concepts

It’s exciting to finally own your own home. You’ve saved for your down payment; found your dream house; signed the mountains of loan paperwork and finally it’s time to close escrow on your home. Whether you are buying your first home, another home or simply shopping for new homeowners insurance, it pays to know the basics.

The cornerstone of your homeowners policy is protecting the structure itself. But other coverage such as coverage for your contents; liability for injuries to others; guest medical insurance; flood insurance and even earthquake insurance are important parts of your overall homeowners insurance relationship with Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage.

Insuring Your Personal Property

Having protection for the roof over your head is critical, but what about all of the stuff inside your home. The two go hand-in-hand with your homeowners insurance relationship at Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage. When choosing the right policy for your home contents, there are a couple of keys to remember.

There is a maximum amount your policy will pay to replace the contents of your home. However additional coverage is available if the value of your contents exceed this basic value. You will also want to make special note of excluded items and special collectible items in your home you need to declare to your Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage agent when requesting quotes for coverage.

Also don’t forget that many basic homeowners policies will only pay the actual cash value of your goods as opposed to the cost of replacing the item. If the item really is important to replace, pay a few extra dollars for the replacement cost policy.

Insuring Your Home's Structure Protection

At Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage we know the importance of having a safe place for you and your family to call home. But when peril strikes, it’s comforting to know you prepared in advance with a smart homeowners insurance relationship with Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage.

A basic homeowners policy will cover damage to your home from common issues such a fire, smoke, lightning, hail, wind, frozen plumbing, burglary, vandalism and even an explosion. Remember, your policy may be valued less than the reported value of your home. After all, the land beneath your home is considered part of the value, but is normally not damaged in a disaster.

Also remember that coverage depends on the type of home. Single family homeowners may receive coverage for outdoor buildings, garages, patios and sheds. Meanwhile, condo homeowners may only receive coverage for what is directly inside their unit. Manufactured homes cover the entire unit, but typically exclude garages and sheds.

Liability Insurance

Do you know that if a contractor falls while making repairs to your home you could be liable for his injuries? An old lady slips on the ice on your sidewalk and it could be you that ends up with the medical bill. Homeowners liability insurance provides you with the peace of mind that when an accident happens you will be covered up to the policy limits of your homeowners insurance relationship. That’s another great benefit of working with a professional Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage agent for your homeowners insurance coverage.

Guest Medical Coverage

When a family member gets hurt at your home, they probably won’t turn around and sue you. But it would be nice to help them out with the medical coverage they need from your guest medical insurance coverage. For just a few dollars a month you can ensure that guests in your home are taken care of when needing medical attention that isn’t related to your liability protection. Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage agents can find the perfect homeowners insurance coverage that has the perfect peace of mind for your guests.

Flood Insurance

Just because your lender tells you that you are not required to have flood insurance doesn’t mean that you should write off this important homeowner’s coverage. Flood insurance is optional and is administered by the federal government. They also provide a handy website to check out the flood risk at your home. Visit for more information.

Remember that basic homeowner insurance policies exclude flood insurance, but for just a few dollars a year you can protect your family against this very common threat. Even in the desert, the threat of flooding is a real possibility. Be sure to ask you Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage agent how you can obtain insurance to protect yourself against the threat of flooding water.