Insuring Your Home's Structure Protection

for the Roof Over Your Head

Your family's security primarily depends on having a safe, comfortable place to live.

Your policy will contain a description of your home's structure and a list of excluded events. If something happens, you can make a claim.

Your Residence Type Matters

Structures vary so widely that a different policy is required for each type of home.
  • A Condo policy typically covers interior structures like wallboard and lighting fixtures. Depending on your state, your association by-laws, and insurer, external walls will not be covered.
  • A Home’s entire structure is covered along with sheds and detached garages.
  • A Manufactured Home’s entire structure is usually covered, while sheds and garages may require an optional policy.
  • A Renters policy usually has no physical structure coverage at all, but it does provide essential liability and contents coverage.

Most Unfortunate Events are Covered

Most insurance companies offer coverage for the same events that may damage the structure of your home, including fire, smoke, lightning, wind, hail, frozen plumbing, theft, explosion, vandalism, the weight of ice and snow, and a few others.