What Your Policy Covers

A typical renter’s insurance policy conveniently covers you against four main damages:

Property –Your household goods inside of your home. If you have expensive items, be sure to let your Kingsbridge Insurance Brokerage agent know so those items will be covered in the event of a loss. Coverage for items such as fire, water damage, hail, smoke, explosion and other damages are included.

Theft – Your personal property is protected against theft – including theft on premise, theft off premise, stolen checks and other cash items. Be sure to ask about discounts for homes with security systems.

Family Liability and Guest Medical Coverage – Coverage for someone that visits your home and gets injured – whether or not it is your fault.

Your Living Expenses – An important, yet often overlooked, benefit of renter’s and condo insurance is the ability to cover your moving and living expenses while your home is inhabitable due to a covered loss.